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Learn to Invest

Today I wanted to challenge you to take something else on as well: Investing. Not index funds / Vanguard / Wealthfront or passive investing. That's all well and good and you should be doing that also for retirement. I'm talking about active investing: whether as something like an angel investor in a startup or two or equities in the public markets.
Some reasons why I think this is something all good analysts and data-driven marketers should be interested in:

A lot of finance guys are great with numbers but not all of them have the creative vision that marketers have to be able to see trends in different sectors before they happen. All good marketers innately have this and are skilled with using their own intuition and data to predict the future. Since you already nurture this skill you should put it to work in the markets too.

If you are in marketing you take an active role in life. You probably already follow technology companies and popular brands but when you have skin in the game you'll really be motivated to follow closely. Additionally investing is a great way to broaden your scope of awareness of the world.Choose something that is interesting to you and it's a great excuse to learn about new sectors and ideas, something you will never regret (learning is even more valuable than money � so whether your have gains or losses, you still win!).