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Rewrite your Script

Stress is a common emotion, it gives us an opportunity to peak our performance and prove ourselves. If you don't think you experience it, you simply don't understand it. Our brains are hard-wired such that it's difficult to take action until we feel some level of anxiety.

Of Course, when good times are rolling, nearly all of us believe that we have the world by the tail. The intense anxiety feels when the hard time strikes but use this anxiety in a different way. During this phase, we develop mental scripts in our head which influences us from the surrounding.

To do this, recall the toughest time you have been through, write down the script and label it as hard luck. As hindsight is 20/20, now write your empowered script that you wish to follow next in your life. File these scripts so that you can read the scripts when you are feeling stress/anxiety. Now compare your present thinking, how far have you come from the hard-luck script when you started following empowered script. These periodic reminders will attract you to operate on empowered scripts hence improving your performance for the betterment.