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More is less

Books were our very first friends. We couldn't read much then, but bright and beautiful pictures excited us so much. We could never have enough of them. The use of technology to spread knowledge is a recent concept. Earlier, books were the only source of information. It's because of books like Mahabharata and Ramayana we know what all has happened and why it happened. Our culture and tradition is preserved because of books.

It's not only a source of information, it's a stress reliever. Reading a short story of your interest every night after a stressful day at work calms you down and gives you a good night sleep.

In this technology addicted world, one believes in saving the environment. Therefore, various apps, kindles, etc. are made available to people keeping in mind how reading benefits and to motivate people to read.
For some reading is a hobby, for some, it's a habit. Some read a lot and some don't like reading at all. Reading is like taking medicine, you have to take it because it's beneficial for you. It boosts your vocabulary and keeps you up to date in this fast-growing world. It keeps your brain young and active. In conclusion, the more you read the more you know and you have more chances to stand out in public.