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Unpopular is Unique

A human being needs to express. He needs to speak out what he feels and not every time it is similar to what others think. Imagine a situation where you are in a meeting with your boss and a few of your colleagues, and a very important decision is being taken. All of your colleagues agree to it but you do not. What will you do? Will you voice out your opinion? Or will you just agree to whatever is happening?

In our society, having an unpopular opinion or disagreeing is considered as disrespecting others, but let me tell you, IT IS NOT!.

Every human being has a different set of values, beliefs, and norms which depends upon the teachings his family has given him. No two people can be expected to think, talk and behave in a similar manner. When you grow up in different conditions, you tend to have different ways of reacting to a situation.

One needs to understand that disagreement is very common, but while disagreeing one should never forget the common courtesy.

There are no certain rules to be followed but one should always have clear facts as they can easily convince the other person and support your opinion.

Be calm while speaking and be patient enough to listen to what others think.

Listen properly. Do not miss out on any fact or detail which is spoken. If you listen while they speak, they'll listen to you.

Always Think about your company first. The decision taken should always be in favour of your company.

Lastly, know when to move on. Disagreements are certain,but one should know when to stop. Learn to respectfully back out.

'Agree to disagree' is not applicable always. You should know when to talk and when not to. Remember, it's not wrong to have a different opinion but it's important to be confident while voicing it.