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It's Never Too Late

Who made the rule that you should finish your education by the time you are 24? Or that there is no time to learn anything new once you are 24? I will tell you...NO ONE!
Yes, you read it right.
18 or 58, it is never too late to learn anything new or to finish what you have left incomplete.
There is no right time when it comes to learning,especially when the country is growing at this pace.

For one to be successful, one needs to keep up with the technology. A classic example of this is digital marketing. Who knew that this field could flourish so much in recent years, but the results are right before you. Digital marketing is the fastest growing business in recent years. For one to be acknowledged, you need to be on social media platforms. Therefore, digital marketing and knowledge about it is essential. Everyone is highly dependent on technology. To survive in this techno freak world you must know how to use them.

So next time your granny asks you how to use facebook, do not hesitate to teach her.