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Remember the time when bedtime stories and storytelling in class was our favourite part of the whole day? We still remember the tortoise who won, the thirsty crow and the boy who lied about the fox. We will never forget the morals it taught us.
Why do you think we still remember them?
A human being is a social animal. It needs to communicate and storytelling has always been an essential part of a communication. If people connect to your story, they connect to you.

also present to experience the ups and downs it has faced. Therefore, you have many stories to tell about it.
When marketing a brand, remember, the key is to tell a story and keep your audience connected. An authentic, captivating story, keeps your client glued to your brand. This story can be anything. It can be about how you started this venture, what difficulties you have faced,etc. This is called as Emotional Branding,a progressive marketing strategy.
Stories are the situations we have lived. It is real. It is factual. Not many know about it.
Your audience not just connects to your story but it will also believe in you and in what you have put up in front of them.

Wait! There is more!
Not just what you say is important, but also how you say it is equally important. Present your story in such a way that the person is engrossed in your story.
If you can not tell a story, use a medium to do it. Blogs, films, videos, vlogs, there are so many ways..
Emotions, authenticity, personal connections drive to action. It still starts with listening and is not just about sharing.