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Content is king but engagement is queen & the lady rules the house

There is a saying “Content is king”, you must have heard it hundreds of times and read about it even more. But, every time that I have come across his saying a question has risen for me that is this saying true?

As a person who reads and writes a lot I have come to understand the importance of content, I believe the content that we write and how we write it, is of utmost importance. From the social media posts, we see through digital marketing and policy updates that we come across content has the ability to influence one’s thinking but is that enough alone. No, it is not, as important as it is to influence a person it is even more important on how we engage with them afterward. Without consistent engagement and communications with their followers, one will not be able to build valuable connections and without these connections, one won’t be able to build the trust that is required. Trust is the cornerstone of any strong business. Customers will continue to value you only when they trust you to meet their expectations.

Through social media presence, it is easily possible to influence people through content but the ultimate victory is when we are able to convert these followers into customers. For us to achieve this we need to find a way to effectively engage with our followers and that is where digital marketing comes into play. Digital marketing provides one with a perspective through which he or she is not only able to influence people but also engage with them in an effective way. Digital marketing not only allows you to get heard but also get seen and eventually get known. This allows one to be able to build a relationship with his or her peers.

One cannot have an impassive business. There is always a need for one to show emotion. There is always a need to have a voice that is energetic, enthusiastic and also embodies the personality of your company. Content management and digital marketing help provide a person with the above-required voice. It provides a person with a platform where not only he or she interacts with their followers but is also able to have a meaningful engagement with them and build a deep-rooted bond with them.

Digital marketing allows a business to engage with their followers but only those businesses succeed which are able to understand the emotion and the mind-set of its followers. One can use social media platforms as focus groups once they engage in meaningful conversation with their followers. This allows a business to get a better understanding of the issues that matter.

A business can gain a lot of influence through meaningful content but it can only find the best results when it also starts engaging in a meaningful way. The saying that started this blog is true but is not the complete truth the complete saying should be “Content is King but engagement is queen & the lady rules the house”