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The Social Game

Game, Yes! you read it right.
Playing this game , can help you to outrich yourself as popular player on social media.
Want to be an Overnight Star?
Play this social game wisely & then you are there.So let us start playing this game.

Our 1st player is:

There are millions of hashtags used every day on social media. The engagement you receive depends upon the followers and the number of posts been published with the same hashtag.

The secret is to use hashtags that are popular but not too popular.

Feeling tired already?

I hope not, we are finally approaching the most interesting part of the guide on how to find the best hashtag for your specific account. The easiest way to find your hashtag is to take a look at the hashtag that is truly descriptive of your brand and industry. The narrower the hashtag, the more engagement is usually drives the post.