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Meme-ification of Social Media

We bet, you have been laughing and relating yourself seeing meme pop-ups across social media. You can use these memes in your feeds, in your stories or DMs to communicate socially.

We know it sounds funny but today we are going to discuss some characteristics of what makes this type of content so engaging on social media.

Memes are:
Relatable: It is the core element of successful meme, they outspread a feeling that everyone can relate to it.

Witty: Memes are the smartest. They have a way to put obvious things in such a way you haven't thought of before.

Entertaining: With the mixup of these above characteristics, memes are absolute funny and entertaining to the audience.

If you are interested in getting started with memes, here are a few resources we have found to help make your meme - finding fast and efficient.
? Source memes from popular tweets
? See what top Instagram meme accounts are sharing

It'd be great to hear your perspective on this. Feel free to contact us!+