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Want Success? Be good at PR (Public Relations)

Wouldn't you want someone who is asking you to do something for them, to know more about them? To understand and appreciate you?

It's so obvious.

Public relation and success come from actual human connections:
Connections don't need to be encyclopedic, nor does this mean you have to meet them. It means you can their articles, their feed, and if you meet them talk to them explore new things with them which is very needed for your connection to develop.

Truly insanely obvious facts came from this study � that you got a positive response when you actually gave someone something they liked, and didn't when you didn't.

�Unsurprisingly, the most positive type of feedback my team received were compliments on our work.

If your only experience professionally and personally leads you to be only able to talk about your clients, their industry, and whatever has happened to you at work, you're likely a very big boring person that nobody wants to talk to. This means that you may have to open a book that's not related to work, or learn an instrument, or broaden your horizons beyond what everyone you know likes.