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The Art of getting what you want

How do we get what we want in work and in life?
A thousand different pieces of advice promise the path to getting what you want, most of which involve overcoming your fear and preserving through setbacks. And in addition to external resistance, we tend to set a lot of obstacles for ourselves imagining what could go wrong or inventing reasons we are incapable of accomplishing the particular goal, sometimes forgetting that the path to success may be simpler, more linear than we realize.

Many successful people in a range of professions advanced their careers and found fulfillment in creative, unorthodox ways. Here is an inspiring success story who made her luck.

Sally Field is an Oscar-winning actress, but she still had to fight to land a role she knew was meant for her, playing Mary Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's wife, in the 2012 film, "Lincoln." The actress fought hard to convince director Steven Spielberg (who originally said he knew she was "not right") and leading man Daniel Day-Lewis that she was the one for the part. Following an initial screen test -- after which Spielberg refused her for the role -- Field convinced Day-Lewis to fly to Los Angeles from Ireland for the day to improv with her in full costume for Spielberg. She nailed it -- and the rest is history.